Running Down The Halls

Hi! Welcome to the classroom.

We're glad you're here. We intentionally keep the Stacking Benjamins podcast light (heck, we call it "your gateway to personal finance" for a reason!), but we know that some of you want to take your learning to the next level.

That's why we created this part of the basement.

It's the part of the basement where you will actually learn something.

Joe's mom is so proud.


​​​​​​​Finding Benjamins takes the strategies Joe learned during his time as a financial planner and breaks down the keys to holding on to as many Benjamins as you can.


nest egg

The Stacking Benjamins podcast has taught me that there are other nerdy people out there who find finance interesting and important, but are still funny as hell to hang with!

Roxana, via iTunes

piggy bank

The Stacking Benjamins podcast has helped me get to a point where I know the right questions to ask. Plus, the show is a pretty entertaining way to acclimate yourself into the adventurous world of financial planning.

Charne, via iTunes