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how to legally cheat on your taxes

Save so Much $ You’ll Feel Like You’re Cheating

Finding Benjamins: Easy Wins.001

COMING SOON: Finding Benjamins

Have you ever wondered if there's money hidden in your budget that you didn't know about?

What if you had a comprehensive list of over 98% of the places people are losing money?

What if we told you we've been hard at work on that very list?

Well, we have. It's our new course called "Finding Benjamins" and the whole point is to take a magnifying glass to your finances. Flip over the proverbial couch cushions, so to speak.

Only, it's like a magic couch, where literally hundreds of dollars are hanging out.


What our listeners have to say about Stacking Benjamins:

nest egg

The Stacking Benjamins podcast has taught me that there are other nerdy people out there who find finance interesting and important, but are still funny as hell to hang with!

Roxana, via iTunes

piggy bank

The Stacking Benjamins podcast has helped me get to a point where I know the right questions to ask. Plus, the show is a pretty entertaining way to acclimate yourself into the adventurous world of financial planning.

Charne, via iTunes